Collection: One-of-a-kind Local Island products

One-of-a-kind Beadable Pens and Keychains have become more and more popular. Here is my take on "FIDGET" Beadable Pens and Keychains and more, with added island influence.

Please note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL as each of these are custom ,1-of-a-kind.

-Honus- Sea Turtles Beads

-Palaka Beads- Palaka was more aloha than the aloha shirt, with its history and all those years it has been worn by so many diverse people. It was the most important shirt that Hawai‘i’s ever had.

Silver Spacers meant to represent the Hawaiian Bracelets.

Learn the story behind the Why Pens? Read the "Get to know the Owner."