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Aloha. E Komo Mai!


            My name is U’i!

Mahalo for visiting me and Mililani’s Treasure Trove.

I’ve always had a love for crafting but more for fun and on occasions. So the thought of creating a women-owned, small business is a new undertaking.

Mililani’s Treasure Trove LLC (MTT) was inspired by my mother, J “Mililani” and of all the things she TREASURED.

My mom loved:

  • The Lord, Jesus. In MTT, you’ll find Yeshua HaMashiach clothing collection.
  • Retro Leaf (Hawaiian Tobacco) was a must in my mom’s battle with Esophageal Cancer. Beating it the first time was a miracle. But 2nd round, it came back kicking! Mom lost this battle November 2022.
  • Honu, or Hawaiian Sea Turtles helps represent the Ocean Sea or Kai, in Hawaiian, which is our 2nd home. My mom was the daughter of a local fisherman so she LIVED in the sea. Here you’ll find Honu jewelry and more
  • In Hawaii, the ukulele, like the ocean is part of our DNA, part of our culture. Mom always carried hers near. Never left home without it. She was the life of the party when she would arrive. She serenade us with her nahenahe mele’s (calming voice and songs). I so miss hearing her sing.
  • Pens (Beadable) is my creativity flowing. One of moms pet peeves were penmanship. She had gorgeous hand writing and expected nothing less than legible. I remember having to re-do my homework when I was younger. Well in my years, she’d still hound me about my handwriting. LOL! Also, most of my pens that are hand-crafted, one of a kind, unless orders are for more of the same.

Today, though mom is with me in spirit, she continues to inspire me to be great and do great things. All this is in honor of her love and support for me, and also to my family who loves me through it all.

      And lastly, I give honor to my Lord and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ. All success goes to Him who gave me the talents to be me.